James Gunn confirms speculations about how old Batman will be in the next DC Universe reboot. The DCEU is nearing the conclusion of its ten-year run, which began with Man of Steel in 2013 and will conclude this summer.

With the introduction of DC Studios last autumn, the renowned comic book brand has entered a new era. With The Flash’s major reset, Gunn and Peter Safran are establishing a new interwoven universe. At the end of January, the pair revealed the first part of Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” which explained their plans for the DC Universe over the following few years.

The Brave and the Bold, the start of a new Batman franchise, is one of the numerous DC movies and TV shows from DC Studios. The plot revolves around Bruce Wayne learning the existence of his biological son, Damian Wayne, who makes his live-action debut in the film.

There has been some uncertainty, though, concerning the age range that they are seeking with their take on Batman. According to several rumors, Gunn suggested that Batman will be in his forties, whereas Superman will be in his twenties. Nevertheless, James Gunn remarked on Twitter that Batman’s alleged age is only conjecture, as he has never offered a particular range.

How the DC Universe’s Batman Will Vary From Past Versions

It’s crucial to note that The Brave and The Bold is still in its early phases of production, so casting is unlikely. Speculating on Batman’s age in the DC Universe is meaningless until a writing team and director are in place. While such elements are unlikely to be released until later this year, DC Studios is already taking the Dark Knight in new cinematic directions. Batman has received the most live-action depictions of any DC character on both big and small screens.

One of the central themes of The Brave and the Bold is a version of Bruce Wayne, who is becoming a parent. Despite his familial ties to numerous Bat-Family members, the arrival of Damian Wayne is noteworthy.

The fifth Robin being his biological son, whom he had no idea existed, is uncharted terrain in Batman’s live-action history. It distinguishes the reboot from Robert Pattinson’s Batman, who is still in his early days as a crime fighter.

What is also new for The Brave and The Bold is that this will examine a Batman who has built a Bat Family to some extent. Christian Bale’s version of Batman never had any of the Robins or Batgirls with him.

There were further references to other comrades in Ben Affleck’s Batman, but they were never seen in action. Perhaps, as 2023 progresses, more information regarding the new Batman in the DC Universe will become available sooner rather than later.

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