Looking after a car and keeping it in top condition isn’t hard when you take the time to undertake a few common maintenance tasks. And there are plenty of benefits to the car owner, from reduced costs to a smoother ride and better resale value. So, if you’ve been neglecting your vehicle, use these tips to get on top of your car care and improve your driving experience.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Windscreen wiper blades are an essential safety feature, allowing the driver a clear view of the road in most conditions. They clear heavy rain enough to see ahead and, in conjunction with windscreen wash, remove dust that obscures the view. Wiper blades need replacing at least once a year, more if used heavily, yet many people wait until they’re significantly damaged and inefficient before attending to them. Changing the blades out is an easy job that only takes a few minutes, so rather than waiting until they’re dangerous, switch them out regularly.

Tire Checks

Inspecting the tires often lets you look for damage and wear that could make driving unsafe. If you notice excessive tread wear or any bulges or cuts in the tire, it’s time to replace it. Reduce the wear rate by checking the pressure and using a tire inflator to adjust it if needed. Incorrect tire pressure impacts the car’s handling ability and increases wear rates.

Look At The Windows

You spend a lot of time looking through car windows, but occasionally it pays to look at the windows. Tiny chips and cracks will eventually become large, so if you find any, you must repair them immediately. A shattered windscreen at speed is frightening and extremely dangerous. Even if it doesn’t result in an accident, it’s an expensive repair job, whereas repairing a tiny chip is cheap in comparison.

Oil Changes

If you have the space and patience replacing the oil in your car is relatively easy to do by yourself; otherwise, it’s a routine job for a car mechanic. Generally, it’s recommended to replace the oil and oil filter every 5000 – 7500 miles, depending on driving conditions. Doing so stops the oil from becoming too dirty and clogging up the engine’s inner workings. Even if the old oil doesn’t seize the engine, it’ll slow the moving parts, impact the car’s performance, and create more pollution.

Light Checks

There are various lights on a vehicle, and they’re all crucial for safety; you must check them regularly. The good news is it couldn’t be easier to undertake light checks. Either walk around the car or look at reflections off other surfaces to determine everything’s in order. You’ll need a second person to look at the brake lights; otherwise, it only takes one person to check headlights and indicators all work correctly.

Once it’s become a habit, car maintenance doesn’t take much time daily, and those chores that require some time reward you with improved vehicle performance.

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