He was serving a nine-year prison sentence relating to drugs.

The body of a Zambian understudy killed in Ukraine battling for Russia has been returned to its nation of origin.

Lemekhani Nyirenda kicked the bucket in September, yet Russian authorities informed Zambian specialists barely a month ago.

A 23-year-old Moscow Engineering Physics Institute student who committed a drug violation was serving a nine-year sentence.

He received an amnesty in return for fighting for Russia in Ukraine, claims the government of Zambian.

Unfamiliar Pastor Stanley Kakubo expressed last week that in the wake of asking how Nyirenda wound up in Ukraine, “we educated that Russia considers prisoners to provide with such a chance for pardon in return for a contribution to the extraordinary military activity,” as Russia refers to its conflict in Ukraine.

Mr. Kakubo stated that the information was provided by his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov.

Wagner, a Russian mercenary group recruiting prisoners, dispatched the student to the frontlines.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the group’s leader, claimed last month in a Telegram announcement that the understudy had openly signed up before biting the dust as “a legend.”

A leaked tape from September showed Mr. Prigozhin describing the terms of fighting, such as not deserting or having sexual relations with Ukrainian women and then allowing the convicts five minutes to decide whether or not to join.

He warned the inmates that he would get them out of jail alive but could not guarantee they would return alive.

Nyirenda’s body arrived in the Zambian capital of Lusaka on Sunday and given to pathologists for evaluation.

According to family spokesperson Dr. Ian Banda, the body will be delivered to the family for burial when a post-mortem is conducted.

The family let the BBC know that they maintained that somebody should considered responsible for his demise – saying they had been “denied of an existence with him.”

Drug capture:

Nyirenda was a part-time courier when he detains with a cocaine shipment in 2020, according to his older sister Muzang’alu Nyirenda, who informed the BBC last month:

‘We felt he had no clue about what was inside the case he conveys since he guaranteed us he didn’t. He will receive text messages with pick-up and delivery instructions:

“She stated:” On one occasion, he stopped and inspected by police, who discovered cocaine in his package. He stated that he was working as a courier and had no knowledge of the items, but he detained anyway,” 

The statement said: ‘On the other hand, the family was always hopeful that he would come home safe and sound.

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