New KickAss Torrents (KAT) sites

Can I use KickAss Torrents? If you wish to try various other websites to download torrents, there are lots of other alternative websites. One of them will be The Pirate Bay, that is now the world’s top torrent site. We believe that the original website won’t be back any time soon. It has been many years the website was removed by the US government. KickassTorrents is also known as KAT has been a torrent download website. The website allowed users to download copyrighted software and films at no cost, which brought more than a million users every day. Because of pirated content being shared, the website was taken down from the US government. Around KickAss Torrents A number of those torrent sites listed may not be accessible to you because your ISP may have blocked them. Since it might be illegal in some countries to access some torrent websites, a VPN is crucial to keep yourself concealed from the ISP. All these proxy/mirror websites are handled and run many different admins. Thus, they may operate slightly different from each other, while they’ll look exactly the same. Since the domain was taken from the original owner, the KAT website might come back online with a new domain name. Who knows, it might have which we are not aware of. When will the original KickAss Torrents website return? The websites that we listed in this article are clones of the original site. It might not be the real thing, but it surely works exactly like the original KickAss Torrents site. Good news! While the official KickAss Torrents website was taken down by US authorities a number of years back, new alternative websites which look exactly as the KAT website are now online.

KickAss Torrents Proxy and Mirror
Even though the KickassTorrents website said they comply with the DMCA and eliminated any sort of copyrighted material when reported, the team never did so that direct the site to be removed. Since the websites allow users to download copyrighted materials, they are typically taken done due to DMCA reports by software and film businesses. However, it can be hard to get used to a different torrent site. So it’s really up to you whether to utilize the KickAss Torrents brand new sites or not.

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