5 Countries Where Black Diamonds are Very Popular

Diamonds are always considered as one of the luxurious possessions of man. Diamonds for their sparkling beauty attracts a lot of buyers to this industry. The princess diamond cut to the marquise diamond cut, they arrive in a variety of shapes and sizes to blend along one’s choice of style. Beginning from the origin of natural diamonds to the synthetic diamonds, mankind innovated a lot of ways to make diamonds look more stunning. 

Black diamonds are the modern exquisite precious stones, trending all over the world. Their popularity have recently rocketed to a higher level for those people looking out for new unique and unusual styles. These black diamonds are one of the rarest natural stones in this industry making them popular among their production countries. 

Russia :

Russia holds the world’s largest and  richest diamond production resources. They are the largest exporter and producer of various rough diamonds. The main diamond mining center of Russia is the ALROSA, which holds over 90% of the countries annual production. 

The Russian diamond resources produce diamonds of various shapes, colors and clarities. Their well known fluorescence property of the diamonds indicate the quality of their gemstones. 

Black diamonds also known as carbonado are formed from the giant explosive eruptions of kozarska volcano in kamchatka. These stunning diamonds are the most natural and popular stones of Russia. Women with unique and bold styles prefer these Black diamond rings for a stunning look. 

The Central African Republic :

The Central African Republic is known for its rich minerals including copper, diamonds, gold and uranium. Africa is known as the home to several quality gemstones. The Central African Republic is one of the most popular natural black diamond producing countries. Their opaque characteristics with precise cutting and shape mark them as one of the valuable diamond producing centers of this industry. 


Southern Africa produces the perfect quality of gemstones coming in various shapes and colors. They are considered to have the most diverse range of diamond depositions in the world. Angola situated in the southern part produced about 9.4 million carats of diamonds in 2013. 

Brazil :

Brazil was considered as the world’s major source of diamond production in the 18th century, until they were found in Southern Africa. The fancy colored black diamonds are the natural polycrystalline diamonds available in the world market. The various black diamond jewelries have become a popular demand in the industry due to their stunning and versatile appearance. 

The bold shade inside the black diamonds represent the graphite, carbon and the large number of inclusions in it. These black gems glitter with a metallic shine instead of the refractive white diamond sparkle. The Brazilian carbonados are even rarer than these colorless diamonds. 

Zimbabwe :

Zimbabwe owns major of its countrysides with diamond resources. Zimbabwe’s geology has encouraged many miners to continue looking for the diamond resources across the country. The rough diamonds often produced in Zimbabwe consists a lot of fancy colors. 

An investigation on the natural black diamonds in Zimbabwe, found out that the dark appearance of these diamonds are due to the combination of graphite micro-inclusions, graphite needles and dark radiations that occur along the internal fractures. These various black marange diamonds of Zimbabwe symbolize their luxurious collection of stunning gemstones. 

Democratic Republic of Congo :

The Democratic Republic of Congo is Africa’s third natural largest diamond producing countries. Most of the natural diamond resources are situated deep in these lands. In January 2015, The Democratic Republic of Congo had the world’s second largest diamond reserves globally. These diamond resources are considered as the essential pillars of DRC for its struggling economy. 

DRC’s produce black diamonds and several other fancy diamonds with the most precise and brilliant diamond features. The rarity and purity of the black diamonds are still a mystery to the geologists. The growing desires for the Black diamond engagement rings have made a focal point on the market value of black diamonds. 

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