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There are many more than 4 billion citizens living in Asia, with a lot of Outsourced workers, Technological, but it primarily based vendors. Also, there are some web hosting service solutions to web host their specialist world-wide-web websites. In combination with hosting vendors on the western side, everyone is now relying on the website hosting suppliers because of the east. The service providers have web servers in the western but have information centers in Asian countries. It helps all of them to provide better backup about the city services. So, we will discuss some leading hosting companies in Asia.

Top hosting Companies in Asian countries

Hosting a web site inside an effective and sound hosting server is important to offer ideal service to the visitors and customers. Because of the effects of packing time in Search engine optimizing, acquiring the right ultimate web hosting service is critical for a company.


HostSG is truly a Singapore-focused holding specialist, presenting reliable site hosting products with its six tiers a single company around Parts of Asia. The business coated a worldwide get in excess of two lac end-users with Deutsche Telekom, Hurricane Electrically powered, PCCW, NTT Communications, Singtel, and Starhub networking sites. The company was established in 1997 and began their shared web hosting companies in 2006. HostSG has various kinds of web hosting service offers, which worthy of many members and firms.

The 5 GB storage space with limitless data transfer rate will likely be the beginner plan with regard to their “Finances Shared Web Hosting” Designs. This packet will definitely cost $6 every month. The top-notch container will offer 15 Gigabyte storage area for $18/30 days. Additionally, they package Cloud Shared Hosting, Business enterprise VPS Web hosting, Cloud Corporation Virtual private server Organizing, and many more ideas with their massive site visitors.


Eleven2 has headquarters in Singapore in conjunction with London and Dallas. The seller has multiple packages for different types of businesses. The corporation brings adequate assistance to their individual internet pages with a lot of faster data transfer. Eleven2 makes certain some seductive financial coverages relating to the small business. Moreover, they will offer you some good looking premium package deals. Into their shared hosting designs, the “S-100” deal with a 10 GB storage area costs $4.95/four weeks. In addition, they make available perfectly controllable Virtual private server strategies for many different prospective buyers. Ranging from the 120 GB safe-keeping policies for $49 per month, the 360 GB safe-keeping scheme will definitely cost $149 per month.


The company was started in 1996 in Singapore. It is well-liked involving Technological Areas with regard to sound holding specialists. Their customer service is well known for end-user-welcoming facilitates. The firm features awareness in many Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and Vietnam towns everywhere. Signetique allows an array of packages for web hosting service professional services with their various kinds of kind of potential consumers. The shared web hosting blueprints started off with 1 Gigabyte storage space is for $8/thirty days. However, the plan offers premium packages of 150 GB Storage for $9.9 for every month, with decent 60 GB, 50 Gb, 30 GB packages.

They supply Linux and Windows 7-established Virtual private server web hosting service programs. Their discount package commences from 20 GB storing for $49.95/four week period. Their top-quality offer provides you with 60 Gigabyte storage containers for $ 89.95/thirty day period.

UniqueStar Host

UniqueStar Host is supplying various kinds of organizing products. You can find reduced-resources package deals for simple manufacturers. WebAsroy offers some tremendous programs for your spacious companies and businesses. The hosting provider is really a sibling issue of XerOne IT, an online programming service of Bangladesh. If you want a cheap and good hosting service in Bangladesh, the company is a good choice.

Their service startup from $2.42 (190 BDT) to acquire four weeks with 10 Gigabytes room or space and 100 GB Data transfer to $8.80 unrestricted products for boundless areas. Matching up the services using the charging, WebAsroy is a good selection for the little establishments.

UniqueStar Host also have a sister IT company named Hopeway working in Saudi Arabia in software and mobile application development and providing managed dedicated server all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This company also deal in website development and in network marketing.

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